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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chocolate Biscuits - HD Video Recipe

I'll show you how to make delicious chocolate biscuits from scratch in no time,
full of Hershey's chocolate chips, these biscuits are sure to please ! Follow along as
I show you step by step, and very easy to follow instructions on how to make these yummy
chocolate biscuits !

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How To Make Deep Dish Pizza !
How To Make Authentic Pizza Sauce

Simple Sponge Cake HD Video Recipe

Today I'll show you how to make a simple but yet very moist and fluffy sponge cake
you can use in your own recipes. At the end of this video, there are 2 video links that will bring
you to the 2nd and 3rd video in this series. After making the sponge cake, I'll be making a strawberry puree,
and in the final video (3rd ) we will be making a stunning strawberry shortcake, a French inspired version
called a torte fraisier. This was one of my favourite cakes to make while in pastry school a long time ago.

HD Video Links For Mobile Users:
Strawberry Short Cake / Classic French Torte Fraisier
Strawberry Puree

Strawberry Puree

HD Video Recipe For Our Strawberry Shortcake Video

In this short video, we will prep our fresh strawberries, and make an easy strawberry puree
that we will use in our final video in this video series. We'll use this strawberry sauce and turn it
into a strawberry mousse, that we will use as a filling in our classic French inspired strawberry
shortcake ( torte fraisier ) in video 3 of 3. The video you are watching now is video 2 of 3.
There are links at the bottom for video 1 and video 3, and these links appear at the end of this
video as well.

HD Video Links For Mobile Users:
Strawberry Short Cake / Classic French Torte Fraisier
Simple Sponge Cake

Strawberry ShortCake / Classic French Torte Fraisier

- HD Video Recipe

In this 3 part video series, I'll be making a classic French inspired strawberry shortcake,
called a torte fraisier. I've broken this video into 3 parts because it is more complicated than the usual cake.
This is video 3 of 3, so if you have not watched video 1 or 2, you can find links to those videos below,
and also at the end of this video.

Made with fresh strawberries, a simple sponge cake, and strawberry mousse, this is a great cake when it's complete ! Please stick around, and follow along with me :-)

HD Video Links For Mobile Users:
Strawberry Puree (sauce)
Simple Sponge Cake - Video Recipe