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Monday, December 23, 2019

With @antonio.bachour ・・・ Here my Puff Pastry Recipe. Puff Pastry Dough 1000 grams all purpose flour 35 grams salt 100 grams butter 10 grams white vinegar 500 grams water 50 grams heavy cream Mix everything together with the hook attachment for 10 -12 minutes until the dough come together. It needs to have elasticity but no shrinkage. Let rest 20 minutes and roll it nice rectangular . Cover and refrigerate in a sheet pan. Butter Block 750 grams unsalted butter, cold ​ Place a piece of parchment paper on the table. Center the butter on the paper. Top with another parchment paper and pound the top of the butter from the left to right with a rolling pin to begin to flatten it. Continue to flatten the butter until you have a rectangular shape. Wrap and refrigerate. To Laminate Butter Block Butter Block Laminate the Butter Block to 4mm and refrigerate. To Laminate Puff Pastry Dough The next day, laminate the puff pastry dough to 5mm. Lay the laminated butter rectangle onto the upper half of the dough and make 5 or 6 simple foldings, depending of the desired final volume . We will give a rest in the fridge of 20 minutes every 2 foldings. Once the foldings are made stretching the dough giving the desired thickness . This is my new Dessert : puff pastry , hazelnut pastry cream , caramel , vanilla whipped ganache and Gianduja cremeux #bachour #antoniobachour #bachourmiami 💥your photo was shared by: @bakelikeapro #bakelikeaproyoutube 👍 votre photo était partagé par #bakelikeapro

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