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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Repost @silikomart ・・・ Are you ready for another tart kit? This time it is for small, lovely and perfect mini tarts, to be combined with a lovely decorative top! We couldn't be happier to introduce you KIT MINI TARTE GLAM 😍 Stay tuned to know who signed its recipe 👀💖😋 Fun fact: in our Venice offices we can't help but calling it lipstick 💄😂💄, poor KIT MINI TARTE GLAM!! 🙈 Hope you'll enjoy the kit, and to know MORE about it just visit our link in bio! Love you! ❤️ . . . #silikomart #newcollection #tarts #tarte #tartellette #cake #silikomartprofessional #pastry #pastrydelights #pastrylove 💥your photo was shared by: @bakelikeapro #bakelikeaproyoutube 👍 votre photo était partagé par #bakelikeapro

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