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Thursday, March 21, 2019

#Repost @gregorydoyen ・・・ Candy bar, 5 O’clock tea, events and Dessert bar. April 8 to 10th I will have a special mini-sweets master class in Bucharest with @icephotelschool . ⠀ ✔️Modern techniques ✔️Natural flavors ✔️Lots of fruits and healthy ingredients. ⠀ Great atmosphere and all my best specials like 🍒Cherry, 🍊Tangerine, 🍑Dior Peach, 🌹Pearl of Rose, 🍓Pink Lady, 🍋 lemon tart and others. ⠀ For registration please contact the school directly 👉 @icephotelschool . #chocolate #cake #gateau #mirrorglaze#chocolate #chocolat #chocolatier #gateau 💥your photo was shared by: @bakelikeapro #bakelikeaproyoutube 👍 votre photo était partagé par #bakelikeapro

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