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Monday, June 3, 2019

#Repost @antonio.bachour ・・・ Recipe : Manjari Petit Gateau 70% Chocolate Cake 150 gr eggs 200 gr sugar 180 gr Cream 160 gr flour / 8 gr baking powder 245 gr milk 175 gr melted butter 175 gr Guanaja 70% chocolate In a Mixer with the whisk attached combine sugar and eggs. Once combined add the cream following with the melted butter and chocolate. Finish adding the sifted dry ingredients. Bake 162C for 10-12 minutes in a sheet pan linen with silicone mat. Let cool and cut 10 x 2 cm . Reserve in the fridge. 64% Manjari Mousse 200 g milk 105 g heavy cream 67 g egg yolks 30 invert sugar 425 g 64% Manjari chocolate 437 g whipped cream Mix the egg yolks with the invert sugar. Bring the milk and cream to boil and pour onto the egg yolks. Cook until 82-84°C.Strain the custard onto the chocolate, mixing vigorously until glossy and elastic. Let cool to 45 C. Fold with the whipped cream. Ivoire Whipped Ganache 350 gr whipping cream 35 % cold 115 gr whipping cream 35 % 15 gr invert sugar 15 gr glucose 430 gr Ivoire white chocolate Boil the smaller quantity of cream with the invert sugar and the glucose, and then make a ganache by emulsifying with the Ivoire chocolate. Blend to perfect the emulsion. Add the cold cream and blend with the hand blender . Leave to set overnight in the refrigerator before whipping. Chocolate Glaze 25 g silver gelatin sheets 110 g water 50 g glucose 110 g dextrose 110 g heavy cream 25 g non fat milk powder 350 g sugar 140 g cocoa powder 240 g nappage neutral glaze Soak gelatin in ice water until softened; squeeze out excess water and set aside. Bring water, glucose and dextrose and cook to 40 C. Add cream, milk powder, sugar and cocoa and bring to a boil in a pot. Stir in gelatin to dissolve. Strain over the neutral glaze and blend with the inmersion blender. Set aside to cool. Glaze at 35C. Assembly Pipe mousse 3/4 of the mold and place the cake on top. Freeze. Glaze the frozen mousse cake. Whip the whipped ganache to medium peak. Pipe the whipped ganache on top and cake and decorate with raspberry . . Bachour Pastel mold from #bachour #antoniobachour #chocolate #cake #bachourmiami #pavoniitalia #valrhona

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